Sunday, May 4, 2014

The BMW i3 can dance

There has been a lot of talk about those skinny tires and if the i3 can even handle a turn at low speed much less at the limit.   Well, think of those tires as wheels on a train.....that's right, the i3 handles like it is on rails.

Back in October of 2013 BMW actually made a video about how well it handles, both the full electric and BEV and REx versions were tested with a professional race car driver, Erin Crocker, behind the wheel.  How do I know.....I was the passenger

BMW released 3 versions or episodes, more are planned but not sure if they will ever be produced....still what is out there gives a decent idea of the i3s capabilities....not to mention I'm still here because it handled so well ;)

Check our the videos below

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