Sunday, April 27, 2014

Almost here

The other week my dealer, JMK in Springfield NJ, told me my i3 was built and getting ready to ship.  Well it is here, on NJ soil and now I wait to find out when I can push the power button for the first time.

The progress of my i3 a couple weeks ago

My BMW i3 is the REx version (range extender), solar orange with Giga interior, 19 inch wheels and all the options...

BMW i3 REx Solar Orange and Giga 19" wheels - what mine will look like
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Yesterday was Rutgers Day and I got to hang out with fellow ActiveErs also looking forward to the BMW i3.  Can't wait to bring an i3 to one of these events...a new head turner for certain.

Rutgers Day EVent...always fun

This could be the last time seeing 3 ActiveEs together

I'll be sad to see my ActiveE go but just as excited to get my new i3 on the road

Sunday, April 20, 2014

BMW i3

Why the BMW i3?  I love driving EVs.  I had a MiniE first then a BMW ActiveE so the next natural step would be the i3, though the i3 earned my respect end of last year....keep in mind, with me diving experience is first, eco is the bonus.  The i3 really is a driver.

All the way back in October, 2013 I had the incredible luck of being picked to whip around Monticello Raceway, with Erin Crocker at the wheel, in a pre-production can check out the story here at or on my previous BMW ActiveE blog at 

After that 10 hour video shoot day I was really impressed, what an EV and what a car.  I ordered a Solar Orange Giga REx - loaded - it is now on the way to the US.

Latest track video shoot 

 Hanging with Erin Crocker

I knew these brochures would come in handy